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Explore our capabilities to see how we can help deliver
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Lakeview Precision Machining is a Chicagoland CNC machine shop specializing in high precision machining services, including Swiss Precision CNC Turning, Multi-Axis CNC Lathes, and Multi-Axis Milling. We offer a wide range of CNC services, including tight-tolerance machining.

No matter the project, we take the time to understand your needs and requirements so we can deliver the best product for your specific project. Explore our CNC capabilities and precision machinery to see how we can help deliver your next project—and become your trusted precision machining advocate.

What We Do

CNC Swiss Turning

CNC Swiss Turning is a CNC precision machining process that is ideal for producing small, complex parts with high accuracy and repeatability. Our skilled machinists are equipped to use cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest quality, at an economical price.

In addition to holding tight tolerances, our Swiss turning machines can turn diameters up to 1-7/16”(38mm)” with overall lengths up to 72”. Our Swiss turning lathe is capable of achieving surface ground finishes where TIR is critical (shafts, etc.). Work with us and make Lakeview your go-to Swiss turning machine shop.

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What We Do

Multi-Axis CNC Lathes

Our Multi-Axis CNC Lathes are incredibly versatile, giving us a competitive multi-machining advantage. We have the ability to streamline the manufacturing process to manufacture custom CNC parts. We automate machining parts ranging from 5/16” to 2-3/4” in diameter, and chuck up to 12”. We can respond quickly to our customers’ needs, and simplify complicated processes. Lakeview Precision has the capability of machining standard and exotic materials.

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What We Do

CNC Multi-Axis Milling

Our Multi-Axis Milling capabilities are designed to produce parts with high accuracy and repeatability. We are able to integrate inspection capabilities and automation into the precision CNC milling process to ensure the highest quality during the manufacturing process. We are always looking for cutting-edge technology to continuously improve our processes.

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What We Do

Complex Assembly

Lakeview Precision offers a complex assembly manufacturing solution for integrating multi-operations, including special processes and assembly to minimize part numbers purchased to create a turnkey solution.

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What We Do

Tight Tolerance Machining

At Lakeview Precision Machining, we pride ourselves on our tight-tolerance manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that every component we produce meets the most exacting specifications. Our dedication to precision extends throughout our entire manufacturing process, from initial design to final inspection. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled machinists, we excel in achieving tight tolerances that meet even the most demanding requirements.

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What We Do

Engineering Support

Lakeview’s multi-disciplined engineering approach utilizes our manufacturing expertise to assist and advise best practices to ensure a cost-effective, and sustainable manufacturing solution. These services include manufacturability support, rapid prototyping, and functional testing as per your specific requirements.

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What We Do

Quality Assurance

An integrated Quality system is an essential part of ensuring consistent, repeatable results that are well within the defined control limits. Lakeview’s Culture of Quality begins with an overall risk assessment, to evaluate potential issues, and develop solutions before they occur. Quality is the center point of everything we do.

View our quality certifications here.

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What We Do

Flexible Inventory Plans

Lakeview works with customers on a variety of Inventory plans. From the more traditional one-release discrete order, or multiple-release annual blanket orders, to highly managed stocking programs that allow us to schedule and replenish inventory based on your demand, our current machining lead times, and raw material availability; allowing us to manage our supply chain, while you manage yours.

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What We Do

Sub-Contracted Finishing

We have strong partnerships with contractors and industry experts who can help support any and all of your finishing requirements (Plating, Heat Treating, etc.). This allows us to deliver a turnkey solution.

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